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Packages In Thailand 2019, Thailand, also known as “The Land of Smiles” has a lot more to offer to its visitors than most other places for Asia vacations. It is a beautiful country full of adventure, culture and exotic customs and it is perfect for any vacation, no matter what you like, relaxation, fun or activities and adventure. Winter is the best time to explore Thailand, when tropical climates cool off just enough, and vibrant festivals bring city streets to life,

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It is easy to see why people come to Thailand for a vacation as it truly is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Like any trip though, people tend to forget that when visiting a foreign country you need to learn a bit about the culture and the customs if you truly want to fit in. Some traditions and customs that you may want to be educated on are the ones that pertain to the Royal family. Knowledge of the King, Queen and the royal children will be very beneficial to the most novice traveler.You will notice that the main religion in Thailand is Buddha and the statues and images of this are considered sacred. If you are planning to visit a shrine then you will be expected to dress and act accordingly. Shorts, bathing suit, or a tank top are not allowed. It is also a custom to remove your shoes upon entering.There are a hundreds of thousands different places where you can go to in Thailand. From the stunning North with its moderate climate to the greenish blue waters and picturesque beaches in the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. Here we’ll show you some of the most favored destinations in Thailand.

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Packages In Thailand
Packages In Thailand

1: Pattaya

2: Phuket

3: Koh Samui

4: Chiang Mai

5: Koh Chang

6: Krabi

7: Hua Hin

8: Chiang Rai

9: Cha Am

10: Bangkok

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Learning about the culture of another area is half the fun of the trip. Practice the traveling tips to help you get yourself acquainted with Thailand ways and you will be sure to fit right in when you arrive at your destination and you can be sure that you are being respectful to the locals.Fifty years ago Pattaya was a quiet fisher town on the gulf of Thailand. Nowadays Pattaya has become the most popular ocean-side resort in South-East Asia. This why you’ll find in Pattaya really everything what you can think about. More than 300 hotels from cheap hotels in Pattaya to first class luxury hotels, more than one thousand restaurant that will serve you meals from all over the world, the best seafood restaurants you’ve ever tasted, really an unbelievable number of leisure and sports activities, 18 golf courses all very close, a huge number of markets and shopping malls and a uncomparable nightlife scene you’ve never seen before.

Top 10 Destinations In Thailand 2019

  • Thailand’s largest Sea Resort
  • Beach Resort with city status
  • Pattaya has everything for everyone
  • Pattaya provides an increditable choice of accommodation
  • A huge variety of affordable restaurants
  • Excellent Seafood restaurants at affordable prices
  • Lots of sports and outdoor activities
  • A nightlife scene you’ve never seen before
  • A huge shopping paradise
  • Attractions in and outside Pattaya

Phuket is often referred to as the Pearl of the South and rightly so because Phuket is an island surround by the Andaman Sea and has many beautiful sights to discover as well as the virgin forest that awaits your exploration. You can also enjoy bird watching in Phuket, where you can find 100 species of birds. If you enjoy visiting parks, then you must visit Khao Phar Thaeo National Park. A triple canopy rain forest and the only remaining virgin rain forest, you can see wild animals like languors, barking deer, bears, wild boar and monkey and gibbons. You can also find giant trees; creepers and climbers that make this forest a rich habitation of many animals.

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Best Top 10 Vacation Destinations Packages In Thailand 2019

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