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Sky N Wings Travel is a Private Limited Company which perceives the significance of all the users and spotlight the confidential information provided by its users. The focal point of this company is to cushion all the personal information you share with us such as (Name, Phone Number, Address and Card Details) including other subsidiary information. By accessing the website the user hereby agrees to the terms and contents of this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy hence, is an integral part of User Agreement with My Holidays Online and value the trust of all customers(“you/your”)lay in My Holidays Online.


As all the packages are assigned from other online portals, companies or travel agents. Therefore, we are not responsible for any kind of miss guidance provided by the packages. As the packages we sell are not created by us and we just sell the packages of other people with some commission percentage.


We are not responsible for any kind of miss happening by the app as any content delivered by the app is not our property. Even if it does not follow the privacy policy of our company, the products mentioned over there are followed by the policy of other companies lead by Travel Payouts. The main privacy policy or any policy which is applicable on the app will be followed by the Travel Payouts policies.

Travel Payouts:

Travel Payouts is our affiliate partner and we do flight bookings and hotel bookings from the main reference of Travel Payouts. As any policy which is enabled on any of the product related to the hotels and flights booking from Travel Payouts will be applicable by Travel Payouts. Travel Payouts include 2 main website for flights and for hotels are the secondary sources for bookings of flights and hotels.

User Privacy:

All the information provided by the client online are totally safe as we focus on the safety and security of our client. Our policy does not allow any kind of information to leak outside our company without any trust issues. In case you enter all your personal details (such as Name, Address, Card Details and Phone Number) or you provide on paper it is fully confidential depending on the terms and conditions of the policy.

Payment Privacy:

Payment Privacy safeguard all the payments that user pay online. It is the responsibility of the website to set the limit for the users for security reasons that who all can visit your personal details (such as Name, Card Details and Address). Also the details you provide for online purchases are totally safe with credential agents and you can fully rely on us. We are not liable for any kind of payment that you make outside the website or through your personal source.


Sky N Wings Travel, India’s leading online travel company was founded in the year 2018 by Amandeep Singh. It aimed to offer a range of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. Sky N Wings main aim is to handle the client servicing for travel package well and dedicatedly serving the clients throughout the world with the best of its customer Services.

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Privacy Policy

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