Bhutan packages Bhutan The Land of Thunderbolt is still one of the least heard or traveled destinations, even by the young travel enthusiasts of its neighboring country India.The rivers, arising from the Himalayas, meander through the valleys and mesmerize with their beauty. no matter if you’re a culture vulture, a history lover, or just a budding adventurer pining for one of the world’s less trodden corners, you can rest assured that beautiful Bhutan has you covered.

History Of Bhutan

The documented history of the Kingdom begins with 747 A.D. with Guru Padsambhava also known as Guru Rinpoche who made his legendary trip from Tibet across the mountains flying on a tigress’s back. He arrived in Paro valley at Taktsang Lhakhang also known as Tiger’s Nest.the outside world had no name for Bhutan. Its lofty frontiers wrapped it in an impenetrable cloak of mystery.

The Tibetan chroniclers of the 18th century referred to it by many names, including “Hidden Holy Land,” The Southern Valley of Medicinal Herbs,” and “the Lotus Garden of the Gods.” However, the Bhutanese have had a name for their own country for centuries.

Best Time To Visit Bhutan

Bhutan is extraordinary consistently. Bhutan’s temperature and lovely atmosphere, social celebrations celebrating consistently and copious legacy destinations give endless bliss to the guests.Walk, April and May are the long periods of Spring and furthermore the most excellent time. It is the pinnacle season for sightseers. The land burning with a staggering exhibit of splendid shades of nature. Natural product trees are blooming and valleys are green with new vegetation as of now.

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